Panama City Beach, Florida

     Located in the northwest corner of Florida, along the Panhandle section of the state, is the beautiful beach town of Panama City Beach.  This beach is known by some to be the “World’s Most Beautiful Beach”.  It is characterized by white-sand beaches, calm, small waves, and the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  Panama City Beach is a very popular vacation destination, among people throughout Florida, the southern parts of the United States, and the Midwest, too.  It is also a popular destination for Spring Break students, as well.

Just over 13,000 make Panama City Beach their home on a year-round basis; however, many more people come to enjoy this peaceful area for vacation.  There are many hotels available in the area, as well as rental homes and campsites, too.

Panama City Beach has many entertainment venues for people to enjoy.  There are sunset cruises aboard catamaran boats, putt-putt courses, escape rooms, snorkeling and scuba diving tours, water adventures, and so much more!  There is also a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!  This venue is three stories of unusual exhibits that will keep you curious and maybe even spooked, long after you leave the premises.  Ripley’s is open year-round and they do have an admission fee for guests.

     There are also several restaurants that you may want to check out during your stay in Panama City Beach.  Some that you may want to consider include; New Orleans’s style restaurant: Dee’s Hang Out, seafood options at Runaway Island, or other local favorites, such as; Saltwater Grill, Firefly, or The Wicked Wheel.  Most restaurants are casual and relaxed, and you should have no problem finding a wide variety of foods to enjoy and atmospheres that please your senses.

Shopping is also a favorite pastime in the Panama City Beach area.  Pier Park is an open-air shopping market where you can easily find trinkets, clothes, souvenirs, and so much more!  Shoppes at Edgewater is also another stop where you can find some interesting items, as well as a bowling alley and dining options, too.

Panama City Beach is conveniently located about midway between Tallahassee and Pensacola.  If you are staying in the beach area, and wish to explore to one of the larger cities for other activities or conveniences, then either city is a good option for you.  Panama City is also adjacent to the beach area and has many of the conveniences that you may need during your stay.  There are also several other beach areas nearby for you to check out, including; Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Island, and Seaside.  Seaside is especially interesting, with its’ upscale, colorful homes, shops, and dining options.

If you are looking for a beach destination that is known for crystal-clear water and white sand beaches, and is located within the United States, then Panama City Beach is a good option for you to consider.  The laid-back atmosphere of the area can be very inviting for many people, yet there is plenty of things to do in the area, too.

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