Venice Beach, California

If you are looking for a beach destination that has a little bit of everything to offer to everyone, then one of your best bets is going to be Venice Beach, California.  Venice Beach is a totally eclectic community that has about 45,000 residents.  This area has approximately 75 miles on coastline along the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and guests can find everything from restaurants, exercise equipment, tattoo parlors, snack bars, and so much more that is close to the beach area.

Venice, Italy is the inspiration that sparked the naming of Venice Beach, CA.  One of the things that makes Venice Beach interesting is the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk.  The Boardwalk is about 1.5 miles long and is surrounded by street vendors, local performers, public art displays and sculpture exhibits, funky and eclectic shops, souvenir shops, and so much more.  There are people who are roller skating nearby, playing volleyball, lifting weights and exercising, and engaging in many other types of activities.  Basically, anything goes along the stretch of Venice Beach, and it is a wonderful place to people-watch or engage in your own sort of fun activities, too.

Many American movies have been filmed in and around areas of Venice Beach, and walking tours are offered for those people interested in learning about the exact location of the filming of various movies.  Venice Beach is also well-known for having a splendid surfing atmosphere, and surfers can be found all throughout the year enjoying the rides in the waves of the Pacific.  Additionally, exercise enthusiasts can find many opportunities at the Venice Beach Skate Park or the Venice Beach Recreation Center, for a wide range of exercise-focused activities.

Venice Beach, California also mimics Venice, Italy, with a number of canals that run through the residential areas of town.  Pathways line the edge of the canals and people can enjoy a stroll along the scenic and peaceful walkways.  Many of the canals are surrounded with expensive homes, and people are expected to act accordingly while enjoying these unique canals.  Note that the Venice Beach Canals are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Many unique and interesting festivals and organized exhibits occur in Venice Beach.  There is the Mr. & Mrs. Muscle Beach contest that is held in July every year, along with numerous other bodybuilding competitions and exhibits.  There are also music festivals, farmer’s markets, and theatrical performances that entertain locals and visitors, alike.

As you can see, Venice Beach has a lot to offer to people who are in the area, and although it may sound as if there is an overabundance of things to see and do, visitors can also find quiet spots on the beach to enjoy the warm sand and bask in the sun, too.  As mentioned previously, Venice Beach is a beach destination that has a little bit of everything; from the eclectic to the traditional person, anyone will feel welcome and thoroughly entertained for a fun day in the sun.

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